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New type of exterior roller blind ADMIRA – ISOTRA introduced from 1st April 2017

We would like to introduce a new type of exterior roller blind ADMIRA, that we introduce from 1st April 2017. This is the classic roller blind which is installed in both window and door openings of finished buildings mainly in order to protect the building from sunlight, noise, wind and rain. Aluminium slats filled with PUR foam form in the closed state continuous surface which is hardly surmountable barrier against violent entry into the building.

Exterior roller blind ADMIRA

Advantages of outdoor blinds ADMIRA

  • Inexpensive alternatiove of product Vivera, 
  • High degree of shading and reduction of outside noise, 
  • Aluminum slats filled with PUR foam, 
  • Thermoregulation and protective effect, 
  • The maximum guaranteed area of 6.5 square meters.

Guaranteed dimensions

  • minimum width: 450 mm 
  • maximum width: 2700 mm 
  • maximum height: 3200 mm 
  • maximum area: 6.5 m2 

More information about new type of exterior roller blinds.


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